Escape from Pompeii
Merikeskus Vellamo, Kotka
31.3. – 1.10.2023

AR art as a part of the Escape from Pompeii exhibition.

Pompeii Mask
Augmented reality

Sumenee nemuS – Kätketty Metsä
Orimattilan taidemuseo, Orimattila
Sumenee nemuS – Kätketty Metsä
Orimattilan taidemuseo, Orimattila 17.01.-19.03.2023

Floating Kitchen
Galleria Muuntotila, Tampere

Floating Kitchen
Fotocentrum Raseborg, Karjaa
Floating Kitchen at Fotocentrum Raseborg
Exhibition tour in Finnish
Floating Kitchen
Fotocentrum Raseborg, Karjaa 24.09.-29.10.2021

They were here
15.08. -31.8.2021
Anjalan kartano, Kouvola

Carine Fabritius builds miniature views in dollhouses transforming them into unreal spaces. She has contributed to this exhibition with a dollhouse installation completed with AR (augmented reality) technology and photography based on the installation. According to Fabritius, her works deal with the human-nature relationship, aging, loneliness and abandoned places. Her approach is surrealistic with a melancholic tone: “I present the dollhouse from an adult point of view, for adults as something on the verge of reality and imagination, just like childhood plays were experienced. My works have been inspired by books like Alice in Wonderland and Narnia as well as the films and TV series by David Lynch.”

Floating Kitchen
Galleria Riutta
Taidekeskus Itä, Lappeenranta

Floating Kitchen
Galleria Uusi Kipinä, Lahti

KASKL, Berlin