Artist Statement

In my art, I bring forth the invisible power of femininity and beauty through the language of contemporary art. I work in photography, installation art, moving image and textile. The emotion conveyed by the work is important to me.

I often perceive that there are levels in the world invisible to the eye that are hidden or in the background in our everyday lives. This perception can appear through feeling them. I use these emotions in my art. My work process includes following current affairs from different media.

I enjoy working with hands. I like to build installations on a large and small scale. In my works, different spaces are repeated; big, small, nested, layered, symbolic, and hidden for the eye. This is why the series of dollhouses I started in 2019 have been inspired by installation art. I think of a dollhouse as a model and a stage where I can fulfill my spatial ideas. Strong colors, contrasts and storytelling combine in my work.

In my photographs, the dollhouse is a home-like symbolic space that serves as a stage for emotions and different experiences of life. As a child, the world of the dollhouse was deep in the imagination where different and exciting things happened. In my art, dollhouses are presented to adults in the same threshold between reality and imagination as when playing as a child.